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The Famous 9.20 Straddle Strategy for Bank Nifty Options

Strategy Name – 9.20 Straddle

Instrument – Bank Nifty

Timeframe – Weekly Options

Days to Trade –  All Days

Margin Requirement – 1.70 lacs per lot

Yearly Returns – approx – 100%

Strategy Rules

Entry Time  – At 9.20 A.M.

If Bank Nifty Index Spot Price is 35000, Then Short Sell – 35000 CE and Short Sell – 35000 PE, simultaneously.

Stop Loss – 25% from the Entry Price.

MTM Stop Loss – Rs 2500/- per Lot.

The Strategy Backtest Results for 1 Year from 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021

The above strategy shows high Win Ratio of 60% generating returns of approx 100% annually which is almost close to 8%* returns per month.

Key Points of the 9.20 Straddle

  1. High Returns – 10% monthly
  2. 12 Positive Months from last year
  3. Avg Profit/Avg Loss Ratio is 1:1
  4. High Win Ratio – 60%
  5. Maximum Drawdown is very very low
  6. Very good Returns to MDD Ratio
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*Kindly Note – We, at Just Algo believe, Anything above 4-5% returns per month is an excellent expectation for a long term intraday trader in options selling
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